Five Powerful Truths About Discipleship to Embrace Today

Don’t reduce discipleship to a dry concept stuffed tight with information that withers unused on the back shelves of our lives.

There is life to be lived well in the reality of being a disciple. God wants to teach and train us how to live and love with joy and authenticity.

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5 Things You Shouldn’t Say if You Want to be Humble

In honor of meeting lots of new writer friends, I wanted to share one of my favorite fun posts. At the end of this post you will find links to a few of my most popular devotional posts, which make up the bulk of this blog. The Bible is full…

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Simple Ways to Beat Selfishness

Selfishness can be an uncomfortable topic. We want to think we are better than the pettiness of selfish actions and attitudes. It’s so easy to point the finger at others when we start chatting about selfishness, right? Yesterday I realized things I was upset about really came down to…being too caught…

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