When It’s Time to Let Go of Our Children

Parenting, Kid's leaving home

The morning my daughter was set to leave for Australia, I woke with a heavy heart. That one-way ticket, the reality of saying goodbye pressed hard against the joyful knowledge that she is following God’s lead.I will open my hands to hold onto God rather than cling to what I cannot keep. In a way, this is hoarding the past and today is a time for something new.

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How I Know God Cares About Our Fears

Anxiety, Parenting, missions, YWAM,

Do you ever wonder if God cares about your fears? Fear and worry often plagues mothers at every stage of parenting. Regardless of the age of our children, God is continually teaching and challenging us to trust Him. Do you ever wake up and immediately start worrying about something? A few…

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Traditions Build Strong Families: 50 Ways to Celebrate Christmas

We may be wearing flip-flops and eating with chop-sticks, but it’s still Christmas! “The baby Jesus is the most important thing about Christmas,” this sweet one chirps as she snips bits of white paper that litter the floor, “but I still want a Christmas tree. It won’t feel Christmas-y without one.”

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The Christmas Grab Bag: A Fun Family Activity

Family traditions are a memorable part of Christmas. For many, the Christmas season is not complete without trimming the tree, baking cookies, and searching for that special gift. Christmas PJ’s, reading the Christmas story, helping someone in need, and attending Christmas Eve service add to the variety of Christmas traditions. I…

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