Why You Should Sing in the New Year with a New Song

To sing a new song is to sing a song that is alive with the fresh vibrancy of today.

A new song because each moment is new and daily we have opportunity and privilege to worship God in our now. What is now is new; it is intimate and immediate.

It is real.
A new song rings with the testimony of what God has done in our lives. This past year we have experienced so many blessings–so much to sing about.

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Give God Glory…Put on Your Dancin’ Shoes!

Have you discovered that when we worship, we are blessed? Join with the Angel army giving God honor and worship. We need to learn to release our tied-up hearts in giving God glory and praise. Ask God to fill you with His Spirit and let it rip! Jump up and down for joy; get your feet moving in a glory-giving “Happy Dance.” Jesus has come. Jesus is here. Jesus is coming again!

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Two Ways to Exalt Christ This Christmas

During Christmas, we exalt all kinds of things, special people, favorite traditions, gift-giving, decorating, partying… my attention is often centered on creating the Perfect Holiday.There have been times when the doing of Christmas has over-shadowed the reason for the season. On some level, I have often elevated the secular over the sacred. Faced with news that could have been overwelming, Mary chose to trust God with a heart quick to rejoice. When we rejoice and praise God, faith is stirred up as we put our attention on God—His strength, presence, and faithfulness.

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