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Hi there! I’m Ginger. Ready to live fully with deeper faith and healthy living so you can thrive in the beautiful purpose God has for you? Let’s do it together!

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Get motivated with the 7-day Wellness Challenge to jump-start health and wellness for your best year ever.  Seven days to focus on foundational practices to nurture your healthy body, soul & spirit. Set do-able goals to take care of all of you as we start a healthy 2024 together! 


Simple Ways to Love God And Enjoy Your Life

My award-winning book will give you actionable ways to strengthen your faith and overcome the struggles that roadblock spiritual growth. Discover the transforming power of choosing to rely on Christ in this holy moment.



Cultivate a deeper life with biblical wisdom and practical steps to strengthen faith, inspire hope, and transform daily living with healthy choices for body, soul, and spirit. Ginger will help you live fully in your identity in Christ so you can thrive in your beautiful purpose. Learn how to be your best so you can give your best: holy, healthy, and whole.



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10 Ways to Connect with God During a Busy Summer

10 Ways to Connect with God During a Busy Summer

Discover ten easy ideas to help you connect with God during your busy summer days. Don't miss the list of related resources at the end of this post!Summer is synonymous with freedom and fun, but our spiritual routines can falter. How do we maintain a strong connection with God when our usual routines are disrupted by summer fun? Lean into the joys of summer with practical ideas and resources to connect with God despite busy days.

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10 Bible Verses to Encourage Moms When They Need It Most

10 Bible Verses to Encourage Moms When They Need It Most

A collection of powerful Bible verses that have encouraged me in 28 years of being a mom. Print the free downloadable list to pray for and encourage the moms of all ages in your life. Give the gift of encouragement this Mother's Day. Being a mother takes commitment, hard work, and plenty of love. We often need words of encouragement in the parenting journey. As babies grow into adults the challenges our children face are bigger and the stakes are higher. We need encouragement to trust God with our children in the vital work of mothering.

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