The Lord will Bless His People with Peace Psalm 29:11The funny thing about peace is that you appreciate it most when you don’t have it. (Tweet this.)

Peace is one of those sweet, needed graces of God that can be easy to take for granted when we have it. However, when life gets crazy and we’re running around like our hair’s on fire, we long for peace. In fact, sometimes we’re downright desperate for peace.

 We need peace when…

  •  the pace of life is so busy we need to install a revolving door on our house.
  • the house is such a wreck you can’t think straight.
  • the laundry takes over and threatens to swallow us whole.

  • anxiety grabs hold of our hearts with grip that won’t let go.
  • there’s too much month left at the end of the money.
  • transitions of life add an extra measure of unwanted stress.

Moving Craziness

  • there is no white space left on the calendar and no margin for rest in our schedule.
  •  children are crying, fussing, arguing, screaming, banging…
  • relationships are strained and feelings are hurt.When we don't want to count joy...
  •  you can’t remember the last quiet moment–frazzled becomes both a hair style and a state of mind.
  • no matter how hard you try to get our ducks in a row, one ALWAYS gets away.
  • disease strikes those we love.



What’s your need for peace these days?

One thing’s for sure, peace is a priceless commodity that we’ll never find on sale at Wal-Mart!

Many things parade as peace.

Some things promise peace.

Lots of  things look like peace–counterfeit peace–but there isn’t really any true substitute for peace. Peace can’t be manufactured, processed, or imitated. Not really. Not in any way that lasts.

The World’s Peace Vs. God’s Peace: No Contest

John 14:27


In this verse we discover that peace is a gift—not a generic one-size-fits-all peace. My peace (the peace of God) I give to you. Wrapped up tight in this God-peace is God’s name.

His power.

His trustworthiness.

Because He is peace and He is present, our hearts can rest. Fear has no place when God’s peace is present. (Tweet this.)

What a blessing.

What a gift.

There is only one genuine source of peace.

The only place we can find real peace is from the One who IS peace. An attribute of God, peace is part of God’s nature. It isn’t that God has peace (He does), but more importantly, He is peace—and blessing for us, He is willing to share.

Ephesians 2:14 He is our peace

Some folks like to keep their treasure to themselves. Not so with God. God is ready and willing to give us His peace whenever we ask for it. Whenever we choose it. Fruit of His Spirit and part of His grace–peace and grace often go hand in hand.

 What is this God Peace?

The Biblical word for Peace has to do with the idea of prosperity: one, quietness, rest–set at one again. Used 92 times in the New Testament, it is is often found side by side and heart to heart with the word grace.

Grace and Peace to you

Grace and peace to you is not just a trite thing folks liked to say back in the first century. This familiar greeting held not only the “affection of a good wish, but also carried the authority of a blessing” (Matthew Henry).

Grace is that sweet, undeserved favor of God toward us, yet it is also the transforming, reconciling power of God at work in us.

Peace rests on the foundation of grace.

What a need.

What a blessing.

What a gift.


Prince of Peace is with us

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Believing God: The Rest of Peace

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