Pondering Gratitude


Pondering Gratitude

Though we celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday,

filled with feasting, family, and friends,

thanksgiving is for every day.


In reality, thankfulness is an orientation of the heart rather than an activity or event.

Thankfulness seeps out of our very pores

when we have our eyes open to the goodness of God.

Thankful persective

Thankfulness opens the door to God’s presence

as we enter in with grateful hearts.

Praise God, Thanksgiving

Always thankful. Thankfulness protects our hearts from worry and fear,

focusing our faith on God’s strength.

Thanksgiving, anxiousness

Thankfulness empowers us to embrace the good and let go of the bad.

Thankfulness is good for the soul.

God changes everything

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

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  1. GR8tful for you sweet friend! Beautiful pictures and fabulous words!

  2. Beautiful thoughts and images. Praying you had a blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Beautiful and inspiring words and pictures!

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