The Battle of the Dirty Dish

Why don’t teenagers like to wash dishes? Open dishwasher, insert dish, shut the door…it’s not that hard people! This task seems to swipe off all of the appearances of the helpful child, revealing the true heart that would rather be…texting. How texting possibly compete with the joys of a clean and tidy kitchen I cannot understand…but it is true. One solution is to glamorize dish washing in the media. How about some MTV videos featuring the exciting art of dish washing rather than break dancing?

And have you noticed that there are no X-games for dishwashers? No competitions of Olympic proportions with cool uniforms. What incentive is there to train and build skills if there is no glory of competition…no opportunity to win trophies or accolades for dish washing.

What are we thinking?

There are few cool gadgets for dish washing…no crazy-fun soap dispensers, no cool noises, and no neon colors (unless you’re into that color for your dishes). Seriously–a sponge, a rag, or a spray nozzle is as good as it gets. A rag?

No wonder no one gets excited about washing dishes.

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Six Never-Work Strategies for Winning the Battle of the Clean Kitchen Counter

#1 Top-Rated Trash Can Method:

The Trash-Can Method of Clutter Control
This number-one fix is rather self explanatory. The answer to Kitchen-Counter Clutter is to take a shower squeegee and sweep all clutter into the trash can. Those unfortunate souls who have left their junk on the counter will quickly learn to dump their stuff somewhere else. This solution is by far the fastest fix for the never-ending PILE.

Pro: Quickly eliminates clutter of all kinds

Con: Do I really need to go there?

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Transition is Not a Bad Word

Transitions are that space between what was and what will be.
The sign post at the road of transition reads…not yet. It is faith that stands in the gap spelled t-r-a-n-s-i-t-i-o-n and looks forward to what God has next.
There are things God is waiting to do in our lives that aren’t going to happen if we are warming the bench at the rest stop.

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