16 Ways to Love with Fresh Faith

Loving one another doesn’t come in pat answers and cookie-cutter moments. To be honest, I’ve got a stubborn streak of all-about-me-DNA that breaks loose every now and then. When our focus is on ourselves, we’re all about getting our need for love met in just the way we like it. It is the love of Christ that frees us from the “what’s-in-it-for-me” mindset in our relationships. Fresh faith brings the power to love others God’s way.

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I Can Stop Worrying About the Impact of Moving on My Kids

Do you worry about the impact of moves on military kids? Frequent moves can be hard on military families. Discover the benefits of military moves.

As a mom, I’ve honed the art of worrying about my kids. Twenty-three years of parenting and seven military moves have provided ample opportunity to raise my worry-skills to expert level. Change seems to be the constant of our lives. The uprooting of belonging was hard for me as an adult; what was it doing to my kids? As a mom, I often worried about the impact change and transition would have on my children.

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