The Grab Bag–A Fun Idea for Christmas

Each year on Christmas Eve we enjoy attending church and having a quiet time enjoying the ambiance of reading the Christmas story around the Christmas tree. After something yummy to eat and a little hot cocoa, we stir things up a little with a game we call The Grab Bag. Inside a large bag are an odd assortment of practical and silly gifts. Once the giftys are collected, I tie yarn or string around them, place them in a bag that you can’t see through, and wa-lah…we are ready for some fun!
Some treasures I gather from around the house…like a roll of toilet paper or fun photo from the year. Others I borrow from my stocking stuffer stash…maybe a bottle of mouth wash (used could be an interesting twist..) or a pair of ladies stockings. Then there are the dollar store items…things like a tacky figurine, a birthday party favor, a kid’s toy, a mug, a pack of post-it-notes, a candy bar…you get the idea. The best part of The Grab Bag includes the gag gifts and inside joke gifts that are mixed in.

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Why Moving is More Than Unpacking: The Sacrifice of Accepting Change

Now we all know that moving is more than unpacking. It is just not that simple. Just not that easy. Getting settled is a little more challenging than making brownies, if you know what I mean. If you have never had to move, bless your heart and take my word for it.

God, being the multi-purpose God that He is, always has more up His sleeve than an address change when it comes to moving His kids. There is definitely a place where the practical meets the spiritual in the sovereign moving plans of God.

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