Soul Strength

Soul Strength? What is it and why is it important? Our thoughts, choices, and feelings fall in the borders of our soul. If you’ve ever walked through a challenge of the soul, you know what it is to long for soul strength. Join me this month as I take up the 31 Day Writing Challenge as we explore what it means for God to strengthen and fill us with Himself. Continue reading

When “Because” is a Good Answer

Teach me. Converse with me. May we share Your word together, breaking bread at the table.   Write Your truth on the soft lining of my heart and the marrow of my bones, the joints where flesh and spirit meet. This is my heart and I offer it on this page. Why? Many … Continue reading

9 Writing Tips for Bloggers

Blogging is ultimately about sharing good content and developing relationships. Invite your reader into a great conversation, with the feel of having coffee with a friend. Enjoy these helpful writing tips as well as practical links on writing. Continue reading

Continue the Conversation

Get more out of your time with God by trying a few simple tips for continuing the conversation into the practicalities of your day. Continue reading

True Confessions of Super-Mom Syndrome

They say confession is good for the soul. I’ve always been the sort of gal who struggles to get it all together. Disorganized, usually late, inconsistent, often air-headed…So you can imagine my surprise, when I began to realize that I was struggling with a common, but little talked about syndrome. I struggle with Super-Mom Syndrome. Continue reading


Ginger can come speak to your small group, large group, or any sized group in between! She brings practical teaching, comedy, and music with a heart for sharing God’s word in relevant ways. Enjoy Ginger’s fresh style of Biblical wisdom and zany humor. As a worship leader, Ginger combines music with teaching on worship. Find topics, pictures, and samples here.

Put your God Ears on!

Do you ever struggle to listen to God? Find it hard to make sense of what you've just read in Scripture? Want to grow deeper in your faith, but not sure how? Check here for tips and tools to provide practical help in drawing closer to God through meditating on Scripture.

The Lighter Side of Life

Intentionally enjoy the practical moments. Choose humor over pulling your hair out in life’s challenges…things like subduing mounds of packing paper, keeping the kitchen clean, taking control of your to-do list, or getting rid of your inner wimp by overcoming the Dippy Daily's with laughter. After all, laughter is good for the soul. How spiritual is that!

Worship is a Gift

What is worship? How do we worship? So much more than a song, worship breathes life to the soul. Get practical tips and devotions on incorporating REAL worship into your life. The spiritual meets the practical when we learn to live a life of worship.