Praying Through the Milestones in Our Kid’s Lives

Every new beginning comes requires end of a familiar trail. In these milestones of transition, it can be hard loosen our fingers, trusting God to guide and protect our children. Continue reading

Powerful Prayers for God’s Direction for our Children

Prayer for our Children– Lord, meet them in the decisions and the growing, the choices and the wondering. Bring each precious soul to a certain place—a place certain and confident in your promise and presence. Continue reading

God’s Powerful Dreams for Our Children Give Direction

There are moments, certain places and times, when God chooses to reveal himself, to unfold a future and a hope. God initiates this dream because He wills to do so, not because Jacob did the right thing. Continue reading

Powerful Truth Gives Direction to our Children

There is a time in every child’s life that is of strategic importance in the direction they will choose. As a parent, I pray that all of our children will come to a certain place marked by God for revelation and transformation. Continue reading

Days at Summer’s End

Enjoy the summer moments–the memories, the laughter, and the sun that drenches our days with light and grace. Memories gather like sea shells on the beach. Golden moments with family and friends. Summer jumps with joy of toes in the sand and waves on the beach.   Families gather and friends … Continue reading


Ginger can come speak to your small group, large group, or any sized group in between! She brings practical teaching, comedy, and music with a heart for sharing God’s word in relevant ways. Enjoy Ginger’s fresh style of Biblical wisdom and zany humor. As a worship leader, Ginger combines music with teaching on worship. Find topics, pictures, and samples here.

Put your God Ears on!

Do you ever struggle to listen to God? Find it hard to make sense of what you've just read in Scripture? Want to grow deeper in your faith, but not sure how? Check here for tips and tools to provide practical help in drawing closer to God through meditating on Scripture.

The Lighter Side of Life

Intentionally enjoy the practical moments. Choose humor over pulling your hair out in life’s challenges…things like subduing mounds of packing paper, keeping the kitchen clean, taking control of your to-do list, or getting rid of your inner wimp by overcoming the Dippy Daily's with laughter. After all, laughter is good for the soul. How spiritual is that!

Worship is a Gift

What is worship? How do we worship? So much more than a song, worship breathes life to the soul. Get practical tips and devotions on incorporating REAL worship into your life. The spiritual meets the practical when we learn to live a life of worship.