Abscond with Joy: Following Jesus into Refreshment

Today I’m delighted to share the words of Lori Stanley Roeleveld! Imagine receiving a wonderful gift and leaving it unopened on a shelf day after day after day. Christians do that. Most of us don’t even realize we’ve done it because the world, like a cruel stepmother in a fairytale, … Continue reading

25 Good Habits for the Art of Friendship

Toes splash in the water as three girls play, sharing hearts and enjoying the day. The joy of friendship radiates from their smiles and rings in their laughter. In this moment, friendship seems an easy gift on a warm summer day. Though some friendships come easily, most relationships are built over … Continue reading

I Give You Permission to Spend Time With Friends

Too often, I tell myself, I will plan time with a friend when I get my work done. Somehow, I feel guilty or lazy if I take time to hang out with a friend. How crazy is that?
Well, it’s time for the guilt to stop. Continue reading

Do You Have the Gift of Girlfriend?

Every girl knows there is no age limit on the value of a good friend. Do you have the gift of girlfriend? One thing is true: the best way to have a good friend is to be one. Continue reading

Tis the Season for Military Moves

Moving is one of the top five stressors in life: death, divorce, moving, major illness, and job loss. For military folks, moving is a fact of life. Any woman associated with the military is all too familiar with this catchy little phrase, “Home is where the military sends you.” Moving is … Continue reading


Ginger can come speak to your small group, large group, or any sized group in between! She brings practical teaching, comedy, and music with a heart for sharing God’s word in relevant ways. Enjoy Ginger’s fresh style of Biblical wisdom and zany humor. As a worship leader, Ginger combines music with teaching on worship. Find topics, pictures, and samples here.

Put your God Ears on!

Do you ever struggle to listen to God? Find it hard to make sense of what you've just read in Scripture? Want to grow deeper in your faith, but not sure how? Check here for tips and tools to provide practical help in drawing closer to God through meditating on Scripture.

The Lighter Side of Life

Intentionally enjoy the practical moments. Choose humor over pulling your hair out in life’s challenges…things like subduing mounds of packing paper, keeping the kitchen clean, taking control of your to-do list, or getting rid of your inner wimp by overcoming the Dippy Daily's with laughter. After all, laughter is good for the soul. How spiritual is that!

Worship is a Gift

What is worship? How do we worship? So much more than a song, worship breathes life to the soul. Get practical tips and devotions on incorporating REAL worship into your life. The spiritual meets the practical when we learn to live a life of worship.