Winter Snow Days Bring a Step out of Time

Unlike any other winter I can remember, snow has almost become a member of the family. Seemingly on a perpetual winter break, I think my daughter has only had two full weeks of school since the beginning of January. Even so, there is just something special and beautiful about snow flakes fluttering soft and silent that speaks peace to my heart. Snowy trees With snow that just doesn’t seem to stop, thought I’d take a little time to change pace on the blog. This week I am sharing photos that I have taken on snowy days recent. Grateful for a roof over my head and heat in my home, snow days become a welcome time to slow down and enjoy… Catch-your-breath beauty all around Catch-Your-Breath Beauty of Snow  The warmth of a pot of homemade soup

Snuggling on the sofa watching a movie

Pell-mell runs down the hill on sleds Snow sledding Memory making with snowmen and friends Snow man fun   Glimpses of God’s glory in the wonder of snowflakes IMG_2872  Hooky-day escape to the ski slopes for family fun IMG_2774   Sleep in burrowed under covers soft Skippy little dogs that brave the depths of snow IMG_2936   Extra opportunities to exercise IMG_2961 For me, taking pictures has become a way of living art in the daily moments of grace that often lay hidden right under our noses. These moments, frozen in time, mark the wonder of God’s stamp of glory on a day. What’s your favorite thing about a snow day?


  1. Favorite thing about a snow day…. Time- it’s such a gift!

    • Ginger Harrington

      Oh yes it is. The busier we get, the more we appreciate those unexpected gifts of time! Blessings, friend!

  2. Melinda Lancaster

    In TN we rarely have “snow days” but yesterday we had a “since day.” That’s thick icing covered in light snow. Unlike MI, where I grew up, things come to a screeching halt here when that happens.

    I love the refreshing quiet blanket of snow and how everything slows. Our dog, a hotdog like your, doesn’t LJ like to get his paws wet so he tip-toes in snow. He looks so funny.

    I didn’t take many photos because it was too slippery to chance holding a camera. But I really enjoyed yours. Especially the snowman photo. Very cute!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ginger Harrington

      So glad you enjoyed these. I grew up in Knoxville–love me some TN!So glad to have you joining our corner!

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