December and January are good months for evaluating where we’ve been and where we are going. We can find valuable lessons both in our success and our failure, discovering where we flourished and where we floundered. I never seem to be able to get to this kind of examination in December, so here we are in January.

Top Posts of 2014

Enjoy a look at the top posts from 2014.<Tweet.

No Ordinary Moments: Discover Grace in the Small Things

No Ordinary Moments

There is so much we miss when we’re too busy to look past the tasks and problems of a day. Bits of shell on a beach remind me to breathe, to quiet my soul and enjoy God.

How seldom do I look for, or even notice, the small but beautiful fragments in myself or in others? Trained to work for the whole, to accomplish big and impressive, it is easy to overlook the small graces and the steps of growth. Easy to discount the ordinary moments and loose sight of the God-glory stamped in us all.

To the One Who is Grieving This Christmas


When you’re filled up with grief, the blare of holiday cheer scraps the tender skin of our hearts. The juxtaposition ofmerry and bright slams into the ache of loss. Is there a place for mourning in the merry making that has become synonymous with Christmas?

9 Writing Tips for Bloggers

Visual Checklist for Blogs

Blogging is ultimately about sharing good content and developing relationships. <Tweet. Invite your reader into a great conversation, with the feel of having coffee with a friend.

Soul Reach


Set free

Confidence to love vibrant and free is based on His faithfulness, Not on my ability, purity, or goodness…

How long it takes to get this lesson learned…all the way, soul deep and life strong.

When God Reaches In


Ripples 3

This mysterious God-place where heaven touches earth, His infinite within my finite, where the eternal swallows time. This holy intersection of what is with what will be, transformation dawns when God reaches in.<Tweet. 

God reaches in and I understand that my availably releases God’s ability. With the toss of a pebble, I receive His presence down deep. Evening comes as color blazes across the sky and light grows in my heart.

Letting Them Go: Faith Prayers for our Children

Ephesians 3:20

All of a sudden the world feels too big. I fight down my mama-worries. Early this morning, I greet the day with my heart ready to pray. I cover them in prayer as these kids grow up and go out.

It’s time to let go and cheer them on from the distance. It’s time to trust them to make wise decisions and live for the right reasons. It’s time to let them learn from mistakes and grow from struggles.

Soul Questions: Do You Like You?


Do you like you?

This question pries open emotions I’d rather pretend aren’t there. Most days, I have this question pushed back and covered up with the business of this life. When my identity is based on my performance, abilities, I’ve forgotten my true place as a child of God.

How to Meditate on Scripture

Meditation Rocks

How do we get hold of this idea of meditation? Will it involve convoluted body positions or ummm…. strange sounds? Many theological books have been written on the subject, but for today, let’s keep it simple. Join me for nine comparisons that demonstrate how to meditate.

In Rainbow’s Light: Live in the Light of God’s Presence

Live a praying life.jpg

How will my thoughts and attitudes be different if I live every moment in the light of the rainbow, steeped in God’s faithfulness that calms the heart and empowers the soul?

This is how I want to live each day, glimpsing reminders throughout the day of the faithfulness and presence of God.  A consistent, quiet rhythm of awareness and activity. An orientation of the heart, I want to live every moment in the joyful awareness of God’s presence.

Finally… Choose Joy! 

5 Reasons to Choose Joy

Finally…rejoice in the Lord. Sometimes its all a matter of how we look at something. Finally, as in–it’s about time? Enough already. At last…

When the future is uncertain and problems appear to have no answers, rest in the joy that God is faithful. When you  feel alone, insecure, or without worth, hold fast to the joyful truth that God will never forsake you. Roll your cares on God–He’s enough.

Joy’s One Thing

Looking Back Quote

We can’t see to move forward if we stay focused on the past. With backward focus, it sure is hard to walk forward. Staying focused on the past feeds dissatisfaction, fuels guilt, prevents healing, stunts growth, and steals joy right out from under our unsteady feet.

How to Make the Most of Each Day: When Waiting is Hard

What are you waiting for.jpgDo you struggle to wait patiently for God in some area of your life? God reminds us that in all of our struggle to wait patiently, He is bringing forth something of value–the gritty, beautiful strong stuff of life. He is the one that strengthens us in the wait.


I hope you’ve enjoyed a review of this year’s posts and found a few gems you may have missed. Most of all I want to say a huge thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing. I am so grateful for each person who comes to visit and share a few moments together.

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