The Holy in the Moment Blog Tour

With my recent book launch I’ve been busy with interviews and articles for those who want discover the practical power of choosing holy in the moment. Living well in the choices we make can take us deeper with God, free us from perfectionism, heal us of anxiety, and strengthen us to overcome insecurity. Since these resources are scattered all over the web, I’ve compiled them for easy access.


Reading is my Superpower

Michele Morin: Living Our Days

When You Need to Choose God in the Moment

Carrie Daws

Dawn Kling: Above the Waves

Faith and Fitness with Jenny Connors

Author Interviews

 Reading is my Superpower with Carrie Schmidt

Author Interview: Ginger Harrington & Holy in the Moment

Meet author of Holy in the Moment, Ginger Harrington, in this fun interview at Reading is my Superpower. Join Ginger and Carrie for a personable and informative look at Holy in the Moment and the authors who have influenced Ginger's writing.Michelle Ule


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