Soul thriving is something we all want, and God desires for us to thrive in faith. Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to a new ministry for military gals, Planting Roots: Strength to Thrive in Military Life. 

Ministry Launch 1“What if military women (both wives and active duty) came together to worship God and to grow in their Christian walk?What if we connected with each other, then challenged and encouraged each other to follow God with our whole heart wherever it was God had planted us? What if we all found our stability in Christ, purpose in our place, and impacted a world for Christ?” This is the heart of Planting Roots. Come and check us out.

Today is my first post at the Planting Roots blog and the subject fits right in with our Soul Strength series. So whether or not you’re a military gal, you’ll be encouraged to thrive right where you are.


Psalm 37:3

I didn’t plan to be a military wife.

Really, it wasn’t on my bucket list.

But what do you do when the man you love, says, “Did I tell you I want to go in the military?” Wide-eyed with surprise, I had no idea what life in the military would involve.

Our lives have been rich with the colors and textures of a wealth of experiences and friendships over the years. We have lived amazing places and ordinary places. Though I have loved being a military wife, there have been hard transitions and challenges along the way.

In each place, I have discovered anew that home is more than an address, and stability doesn’t come solely from my circumstances. Over time, God has been teaching me to plant roots of faith.



We all know these familiar words, “Bloom where you’re planted,” Beneath the glib cliché, is a call to make the most of life as it is.

Right here.

Right now.

Today, we can choose to live, really live, where God has placed us, trusting God and planting roots in faith.

How many times have we wished away today for some future condition? Life will be better when ______. We’ve all wrestled with this temptation to be discontent with today, waiting for something better tomorrow.

Dwell in the land. This season of life, this challenge, this day.

  • Dwelling in the land has everything to do with living life full right where we are.
  • Dwelling in this moment means we don’t look back with regret.
  • We refuse strain forward with an unwillingness to invest fully in today.

Dig for the blessings buried beneath the soil of your present circumstances. Together we can plant our roots in Christ and grow in faith.


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