Don’t you just LOVE it when God opens up a special opportunity? Something you could have never accomplished on your own?

As many of you know, I have taken on a new role as social media coordinator for Planting Roots. It has been such a joy to participate in what God is doing.

Sharing about Planting Roots at Guideposts


Here’s a bit from the article at Guideposts:

The long winter seemed to close in on me. Cold and dreary days made me long to get out of the house and connect with other women. It was January 2014, and I was determined to pursue my New Year’s goal to develop deeper relationships. I called Kori Yates, a military wife whom I was eager to get to know.

I invited her to lunch, and, in turn, she invited me to join her in fulfilling a vision for a powerful ministry to military women.

Her vision was this: What if wives, active duty and family members came together to worship God, encouraged one another and grew deep roots of faith wherever God sent us?

What if we built meaningful connections through online community and live events? What if we helped each other plant our stability in faith, find purpose in our place, and impacted this world for Christ?

Overall, what if military wives came together with a vision and a God-sized “What if?” When God is in it, amazing things happen!

The result was Planting Roots: Strength to Thrive in Military Life, a new ministry for women associated with the military. Planting Roots seeks to present Christ-centered, engaging events for military women, sharing the gospel of Christ while challenging and equipping believers to flourish in faith.

As of 2012, active duty and reserve women numbered approximately 356,000. Add military wives (active duty and reserve) and the number of women soars to 1,381,000. These numbers don’t include moms of military and retired spouses, but it is clear that military life affects many women.

The current operational tempo of our military and the stresses involved in military life are tremendous. At Planting Roots, we challenge women to plant their roots in Christ in order to thrive in military life.

Planting Roots is led by a team of military women who speak to the challenges and opportunities faced by its members. In a time of diminishing budgets and resources to spiritually strengthen military women, Planting Roots is positioned to meet a compelling need for community and encouragement for women all over the globe.

Please join me for the rest of the story at Guideposts.

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