It’s been a busy week around here. Spring has finally sprung and we are gearing up for spring break. Yippee!

IMG_3429Tuesday I had a post up with The Military Navs, which I am super excited to be invited to participate with. Today, marks my first contribution on the team at More to Be. I hope you’ll join me at More to Be today and discover a wonderful website geared to encouraging teens girls and moms of teens. There is a wealth of resources at More to Be, along with lots of great info on mentoring. Here’s a link to the about page for the site: About More to Be.

From my post today at More to Be:

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound…” Chances are you can fill in the rest of the words to this much-loved hymn.

Isn’t it easy to take grace for granted this invisible miracle of God reaching into the darkness of our hearts and giving life through forgiveness?

As mothers, we know many moments in which we need a break, need grace. On the flip side, there are just as many opportunities to wrap grace to extend to our children.

Join me for the rest of this post called Remember Grace…

As always, thanks so much for reading and sharing!




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