There is so much excitement in this world.


We clamor for entertainment and love the shock value of content that pushes the envelope of the standard.  We are a culture gone wild for thrills, yet at the same time, we’re falling apart.

Today I heard back from a literary agent about a book I’ve worked on hard.  I’ve waited four months. Although it is discouraging to be told no, maybe it is one step closer to the right yes. For sure, it is humbling to read in expert eyes that this work does not excite, though well written.  I understand, truly I do. His job is to find quality work that will sell in a world that runs crazy with adrenaline Discipleship and relationship with God is a hard sell in today’s busy world.

Today my question is not why was my work not chosen. For in my heart, I know it is God’s work and His words. I know I have given it my best, with a deep, long, hard effort of perseverance. I also know I’ll keep giving my best as He chooses the time and place as I fulfill my calling. This is simply part of the process–learn, grow, and go on.

Today this is my question:

How do we reach our culture, running so hard after the wind? This is the question that haunts and intrigues. How do we draw the hearts of real people back to God?

Today is a good day to walk in the truth of what God put in my heart to write for The Military Navs. I am honored to share part 2 on When God Calls. Please join me at MilitaryNavs. You can find part 1 here.






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