In January of 2014, we began to dream. “What if’s” rolled around in our heads as Kori Yates began to seek God for the women to help her fulfill a vision for a ministry to bring encouragement and events to military women around the world.

In this day of decreasing military budgets, funding for ministry is becoming scarce. Yet the need for connection and spiritual encouragement increases as operational tempos remain at a high pace and the after-effects of combat and lengthy deployments directly effect too many military families.

The need increases as the resources dwindle.

We launched Planting Roots in October with the website, blog, and social media presence. God has blessed us with the gifting and teamwork of many talented women. We meet from all over the country via Skype–TN, ID, KS, CO, VA, GA, MS, and NC.

PR Meeting










We have experienced both  normal life and spiritual warfare challenges. In the last year various members of our team have faced injuries, surgeries (personal and family), moves, death in the family, challenges of schooling special needs children, and deployments. In the final days before our first conference, one speaker had sores break out in her mouth, one of the musicians needed a root canal, our MC broke her glasses, our event coordinator had a migraine the day of set up…and so on.

We have learned the vital necessity of serious prayer support as we venture into new territory. This is the first ministry of it’s kind–bringing events to military women around the world–by military women for military women. I’m so grateful that Salena Duffy heads up our prayer ministry.

Prayer ministry












This past weekend, love went live with our first conference in Lawrence, Kansas. It was sweet, sweet joy to meet face to face the women I have worked with for the last 16 months. To see the heart of this ministry come to life with the first event was an extraordinary moment for us all!

This first event gave us a chance to see what God is up to with our very own eyes. The really exciting thing is this is just the beginning! Our vision is to hold several conferences a year in different regional military centers around the globe. It’s a big vision given by a big God.

We stand in awe

of what God is doing!

Kori Yate, our director at Planting Roots, talked on the importance of letting God grow our spiritual roots deep.

Kori Yates, our director at Planting Roots, talked on the importance of letting God grow our spiritual roots deep.

Krisin Unloading Car

Kristin Hathaway, our Event Coordinator, unloads her van filled with goodies for our conference.


It was such an honor to be a part of the speaking team with Kori Yates and Brenda Pace. Cutting it up in the photo booth!


After all the preparations, it was a blast to experience God breathing life into all our our talks. Such joy!


To speak alongside one of my mentors has been a long-time dream of mine. Brenda Pace has been a sister and encouragement through the years. She is the one that sat me down and said, “You really need to start writing seriously. You can do this!”

The worship band for Planting Roots' first conference with Sarah McKinney

The worship team played together for the first time two days before the conference. They were phenomenal!


Claudia Duff was our MC and kept us laughing. She also shared the power of a seven-minute devotional.


Throughout the day we had the opportunity to pray with women, a vital part of this ministry.


Lunch was yummy. Many thanks to the ladies who helped prepare food!

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