It’s Time for the 2014 Ultimate Blog Party!

Today is the kick-off for the 2014 Ultimate Blog Party with 5 Minutes for Moms. Woo-hoo! I am in the mood for a party.UBP14-Invite-Readers

For those who are visiting welcome! For those that know me–just let me say how GRATEFUL I am that you are here. Join the fun and get a chance to read some great bloggers.

This year I started writing for 5 Minutes for Faith, a sister site of 5 Minutes for Mom. This month I am joining the team at MoretoBe and blogging for MilitaryNavs.

So this is me.

Military Family

Military Wife and Mom

I am  wife to a recently retired Marine. 24 years of active duty has taken us on many adventures. It has been a challenge and rewarding life. We are in the midst of transition in career and family. I am blessed to be mom to three wonderful kids who are growing up way too fast for me–two in college and one in high school. 

And sometimes this is me.

The spiritual instead of the practical is not conducive for  gourmet cooking.

The spiritual instead of the practical is not conducive for gourmet cooking.

Being the creative-kind of gal, sometimes work on the home front get’s overlooked. Can’t tell you how many meals have been a little overdone since I started writing.

This is me too.

And this is me–seeking to hear God’s wisdom and write what He reveals through His Word.

My God Ears are on!

My God Ears are on!

As a communicator, I enjoy speaking to women. As a singer and worshipper, leading worship is pure joy.  I love showing women how to get fully engaged in reading God’s word and worship.  This is one of my most popular posts: How to Meditate on Scripture.

I also like having fun with humor.

Goofy Girl + Teaching Ministry = A Laugh with a Lesson

Over the years, I have perfected the annoying tendency to make embarrassing mistakes and do air-headed things.  I am not proud of this, but all efforts to achieve perfection have fallen woefully short.

Long ago I gave up the dream of having it all together, and yet, I have learned that God can use every part of us – even the parts that do goofy things.

The Blog

On this blog, I explore the process where the spiritual and the practical intersect in daily life. You will find a variety of posts including devotions, Biblical wisdom,  how-to’s on spiritual growth, real-girl mistakes, and sharing life as it is–all with the focus of applying spiritual truth in the nitty-gritty of our day.  Whether serious, reflective, humorous, or down-right zany, sharing practical ways to learn and live God’s wisdom is the heart of this blog. Subscribe now so you don’t miss the fun!

If you would like to read the initial post that introduces this blog click here:

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Thanks for stopping by! I am looking forward to making lots of new friends through the 2014 Ultimate Blog Party. 
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  1. Hi Ginger! Just followed your link back from the comment you left on my 2014 UBP post. Thanks for stopping in. I have only read one of your posts so far, and you already have me laughing! I think I would really enjoy the talks you give – I agree lessons with humor are the best kind! Nice to meet you! -Kathie

  2. Well hello from one Harrington to another 😉 I’m traveling through from the #UBP14 I’m so glad I stopped by and look forward to seeing you again!

  3. So happy to have found you! Love that you are listening for God’s voice in a big way!

  4. what a fantastic blog post. Love it! I truly look forward to reading more of your blog.. Stopping by from the UBP2014

  5. Stopped by from UBP14. I love your sense of humor and your God ears:) Heading over to your FB page now.
    Please stop my place and have a slice of Chocolate Truffle Cake with Salted Carmel and Raspberry Sauce. If you have a minute I would love it if you could like my FB fan page.

    It’s been great partying with you. I hope to see you around again.

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