Hope Is


God’s hope is filled with life and peace,

mercy and an endless love.

 It is powerful beyond what we can imagine.

 It is the power that raised Christ from the dead

and the power that will raise us up as well.

Hope rises.

God’s hope is deeper and reaches far beyond circumstances.

 His hope is the promise and the power to work all things together for good.

He is

and in Him is life and wholeness.

His hope is the power that brings life out of death,

 the power to rise up out of difficult circumstances,

   Hope believes.

 We do not have to create our own faith.

 It is God’s gift of grace.

 It is God’s presence  that ignites hope to rise up

 and overcome doubt and fear.

Hope praises.

  Hope is powerful

 because our God is powerful.

Hope is certain

because our God is faithful.

 Hope believes and rests

 in the assurance that He is

and He will be faithful  to do all that He has promised in His word.

The burden of proof is on Him;

 It lies on His shoulders, not ours.

We just need to come and believe.

Hope lives.

Hope looks forward expectantly.

Hope dwells in me.

He is already here.

Christ in me,

the hope of glory

Ginger Harrington


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  1. Kristen Huggins

    What a precious truth and encouragement my sister!! Thank you for the reminder and the beauty of your words as they reflect The WORD in Whom we find the source and the support of all our Hope! HE IS RISEN…HE IS RISEN INDEED!!

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