Every now and then God gives us a front row seat to watch Him work.

Strength to thrive in military life, confernece

This past weekend was one of those extraordinary moments. It is a sweet adventure to see plans and dreams become a reality during our second Strength2Thrive conference in Centreville, VA.  God brought military women together for a day of community, worship, learning, and fellowship. Partnering with Centreville Baptist Church and the American Bible Society Armed Services Ministry was such a blessing for us all.

At the end of this post I’m sharing some of the content from the conference.


What joy to see the prayers, plans and hopes for our conference come to life. One of my favorite moments was watching the connection of three young Navy gals being encouraged and befriended by women who have walked in their shoes.

Sarah McKinney, our talented worship leader shares, “Women laughed and cried, sang their hearts out in worship – joined in the anthem of praise as it rose up like a mighty roar. We met new friends, reveled with old ones, and spread our arms to welcome into the fold those who are just beginning this military adventure.”

The Planting Roots Worship TeamMeeting via skpe, our team of prior active duty women and military spouses join in from various parts of the US and Europe. The only time many of us are together is for our conferences. Meeting the day before the conference, plans and preparations mobilize into operation mode. I am still amazed that our worship team only has one afternoon of rehearsal together before the conference starts! The musicians fly and drive in from Kansas, Virginia, New York, and Alabama. They were so good, ya’ll, I can’t even believe it!

Ginger Harrington getting ready to speak

As I sat, looking over my speaking notes, miked up and ready to walk out for the first session, I could barely contain my excitement. It is a profound privilege to stand before my military sisters and encourage them to plant their identity in Christ as we navigate this military life.


My favorite tidbits from the content God gave me to share:

We spend so much of our time and effort trying to get it together and keep it together in the transitions and pressures of military life.

This trying-to-get-it-together life is no way to live.

Though we carry a military ID, our identity is in Christ.

  • We think we should be better, be able to fix ourselves, and we try so hard to make ourselves into the woman we think we should be, the woman we want to be. We fall into the temptation and trap of trying to make ourselves into our own image.
  • We are made in God’s image and we must understand that identity is not an accomplishment but a gift.
  • Our true self—the self we are becoming in God—is something we receive from God. It is received, not achieved.
  • Christ came to be Savior, Lord, and Life. Yet too often we aren’t experiencing the vibrant life of Christ.


  •  I have been crucified with Christ; and it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me. Galatians 2:20
  • The word live includes these meanings: living water having vital power in itself, full of vigor, fresh, strong, efficient, thriving, to recover life, be restored to life.
  • And here’s my favorite part of the definition: Christ is living and operative in me–the holy mind and energy of Christ pervades and moves me. Who doesn’t want that kind of life?!
  • Christ’s life  flowing through us is the IT we are striving for in this trying-to-get-it-together life.
  • There are things that only you can do, good works that God has put your name on. No one can take your place. 


  • God can use you wherever you are. You are enough because He is enough. Securely planted in Christ you can share life everywhere you go.
  • What your family needs, what this military needs, what this broken, hurting world needs…is more people who can share life from a secure identity in Christ.

Planting Life through obedience

  • We need more people who can share the difference Christ has made is discovering life and identity as God designed.
  • We need more people who can comfort the grieving, befriend the lonely, and help the hurting…right where we are.
  • As military women, we are all over this globe. Our world needs what you have to offer, so plant life everywhere you go. Release seeds of life God has placed in your identity, letting God work in and through you.
  • What this world needs is Christ in you!

Don’t miss this amazing song that God has given us through the lovely talent of Angela Kay. The day of the conference her song release on itunes![youtube_sc url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOqLet31pyQ”]

Save the Date: Look where we will be in 2016!

Strenght2Thrive Conferences for 2016Will you join us? If you know women associated with the military, will you help us spread the word? Love to see you next year!



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