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Milestones Blessing Bowl and Mat: Recoginizing Meaningful Moments in Life

I discovered this nifty product for creating a little family fun and meaningful conversations at the same time. Can’t beat that! Because I loved it so much, I bought one to give away on this blog. Yea!!

When my children were younger, it was such fun to do Thanksgiving and fall crafts and projects with them. Back in the day, they loved it. We ironed leaves in wax paper, made birdseed covered birdhouses out of milk cartons, glued acorns on picture frames. Yes, at one point, I was quite the Martha Stewart, a true Craft Princess Mom.

Alas, that was Pre-Pinterest!

One of my favorite projects  was to make little Thanksgiving books of the things we were thankful for, adding photographs and magazine pictures and getting messy with markers and glue.

Somehow, when kids trade My Little Pony for a set of wheels,  their bedroom for a dorm room, and they’d rather straighten their hair than play with Barbies, it gets harder to find a Thanksgiving activity that they won’t roll their eyeballs over. Know what I mean?

Understanding the thrill a mom gets when you find a good idea, I am excited to share the Milestones Blessing Bowl. Even better, I am giving one away this week! Woohoo!

More details on that in a minute.

So what do you do with this blessing bowl?




“Milestones Blessing Bowls are designed to remind us of those meaningful moments that make up our lives.” Vibrant Faith.

This little bowl filled with pottery stones is a lovely prompt to share our faith stories with our families, and a creative way to start conversations that get to the heart. Score!

The ceramic stones represent various family faith milestones. Choose a stone out of the bowl, and share your stories and thoughts about open-ended topics, such as beginnings, gratitude, remembering, quests, loss, etc. You can also use the Blessing Bowl as a creative way to spark family prayer, letting the topics become prayer starters.

Here are a few suggestions for using the Milestones Blessing Bowl from the Vibrant Faith Website: (Excerpted)

  • At a family gathering, invite each person to pick a stone and share a recent milestone experience.
  • Carry a stone in your pocket as a reminder of the people and the God whose love goes with you.
  • Pick a stone at random and pray for the life situation that comes to mind.
  • Pass the blessing bowl at the dinner table and have every family member share a story of his or her day.
  • Have children match the stones to the pictures on the mat. Discuss the meaning of each stone.
  • Build a collection by adding a pebble, shell or small memento to the bowl that holds a special memory.

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Vibrant Faith Products

If you like this product and want to order this or other great family faith products, check out the Vibrant Faith Website and store.

What Thanksgiving activities do you do with your family? Be a blessing by sharing your traditions with all of us.



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