PWOC International Conference Highlights

So following through with my theme of catching up, here are some highlights from the PWOC International conference:

It was a flat-out great experience!

  • Traveling with friends
  • Seeing friends from other duty stations—I even ran into a childhood friend I hadn’t seen in 30 years on the elevator.
  • Wonderful music by Kari Jobe and Point of Grace!  The worship was truly powerful. I could sing till the cows come home with these gals…
  • Seeing my WILD Trainer (Women Intent on Leadership Development) friends again.  It was great to see pictures and hear how all the different training weekends went as teams traveled to PWOC Regions in the US, Europe, and Asia to train local leadership.

Deb Easterling, Brenda Pace, and I model some WILD attire

Priscilla says…

Priscilla Shirer was fabulous up one-side and down the other!  She conveys deep and motivating truth in a very personable way. Nope I didn’t meet her as I never seemed to have time to wait in line—maybe some other time.  A couple of main points for me were as follows:

  • It is easy to lose sight of God’s presence.  We need to have our eyes and ears open, so that we don’t miss what God is doing in our lives.  Many of us wish the present away looking forward to something in the future and miss what God is doing in our now.
  • The secret of stones:  There is good stuff in the hard stuff. What is the hard part in your journey, the enemy would love for you to see only the outer shell of difficulty, and miss the treasure the Lord has tucked away in the hard things.
  • Part of Jacob’s journey involved God taking him places he wouldn’t have chosen.  It is important to be open to what God has for us next.  Great reminder for those of us who move frequently.

Let’s Get Serious About Praying for our Military

There were over 30 chaplains present and all of the services head chaplains were present and several spoke, giving encouragement and testifying to what God is doing in the military and the needs that are desperate for God’s intervention.  According to Major General Carver, the top issues we need to be praying for include  depression, PTSD, fatigue, and increasing suicide rates as our military faces a prolonged time of unpredictability, blurred battle lines, unseen weapons, ideologies, and threats in 80 nations.  He gave a call to the church to wake up and pray as the followers of Christ have historically had the ability through prayer to stop decay and preserve what is good.

It was exciting for me to have the opportunity and privilege to present a workshop and be a part of what God was doing at this conference.  I was able to present “My God-Ears are on” twice as the response was very good.  The only thing I can say is that God took over and I was just along for a great ride!  Don’t you love it when God enables you to do things beyond what you think you can do?

Jenny  Connors, Rachelle Whitfield, Kathy Hassenplug, Jana Plank, Larissa Traquair, Carrie Smith, and Dasha Gariepy

Ladies you bless my socks off

I am grateful for the friends that helped me in so many ways, which included prayer and cheerleading, designing bookmarks and business cards, paying for printing costs, participating in skits and making runs to Kinkos for more copies of handouts. I could not have done this alone.  Girlfriends, you are a joy and a blessing to me!  Thank you!!

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  1. What a great looking group of ladies!

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