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Soul Care It's Okay to Love Yourself. Love your neighbor as yourself. Why is it so hard to talk about loving ourselves?It’s Okay to Love Yourself

To the One Who’s Forgotten She Matters: 10 Ways to Love Yourself

5 Godly Ways to Care for Your Soul

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Soul Care That Makes the Difference: 21 Godly Ways to Care for Your Soul


Do you struggle with negative thinking? Learn to identify and let go of negative lists we keep in our heads.. Discover 3 reasons why you should let go of negative thinking.

20 Toxic Ways of Thinking That Will Poison Your Life

Three Reasons Why You Should Let Go of Negative Thinking

Strategies and Scriptures to Combat Negative Thinking: With Free eBook

Discipleship of the Heart

Love One another

Five Powerful Truths About Discipleship to Embrace Today

Knowing + Doing = Blessing

When Love Runs on Empty

Let Love Bring in Your Best Year Ever

Are You Going to Believe What Your Feelings are Telling You?

16 Ways to Love People Better

Dare to Love One Another

Lessons from Luke

Luke 5 gives us courage to try again.

Simple Encouragement When Work Fails

Find Courage to Try Again

It’s Simply Not About the Fish or the Work

The Simple Truth About Going to the Deep With Jesus

How to Love God with Your Life

Who is My Neighbor?

Will I Love My Neighbor?

Four Reasons Why Serving Others Can Make You Resentful

Are You Busy, Worried, and Bothered?

One Simple Thing

Pocket Watch Bright Spot

One Simple Thing: Living Whole

The Opportunity of This Moment

Simple Grace to Overcome Worry

One Simple Antidote to Worry

Choose Faith for One Simple Thing

Everyday Choices for Living Faith

One Simple Focus to Find Your Strong

Come Find Your Strong

Simple Encouragement When Work Fails

Courage to Try Again When Work Fails

It’s Simply Not About the Fish or the Work

The Simple Truth About Going to the Deep With Jesus


How to Make the Most of Each Day:

The Psalm 37 Series

Psalm 37:3

How to Make the Most of Each Day: Dwell and Cultivate

How to Make the Most of Each Day: Delighting in God

How to Make the Most of Each Day: Commit Your Way

How to Make the Most of Each Day: Let God Bring It

How to Make the Most of Each Day: Rest in the Lord

How to Make the Most of Each Day: When we Hate to Wait

How to Make the Most of Each Day This Year: When Waiting is Hard

It’s a Joy Thing:

Insights from Philippians 3

Joy is oxygen to the soul

Finally…Choose Joy.

Choose Joy: Let Go of Joy Stealers

Joy in Knowing: Choose Christ and Receive Joy

More Than a Feeling

Joy’s One Thing

The Can’t-Get-it-Together Guide for Home Management

Stay-Sane Home Management


The Can’t Get it Together Guide to Home Management

Is Organization the Priority?

The Motivation of Order

Three Simple Principles of Stay-Sane Home Management

Three More Principles for Stay-Sane Home Management

Three Ways to Keep Out of the Free-For-All Frustration Zone

When You Need Peace

Isaiah 26:3

Need a Little Peace?

God’s Word + Obedience + Peace

When Peace Gets Away: My Struggle with Anxiety

Bring on the Peace

Believing God: The Rest of Peace

The Lesson of Letting

You Can Find Peace: A Summary of Peace Verses


Calling and Spiritual Gifts


How to Know Your Calling: Part 1

How to Know Your Calling: Part 2

Four Questions to Discover Your Calling: by Raymond Powell

10 Ways to Kindle Your Fire and Recharge Your Gift

When You’re Afraid Your Gift Is Not Good Enough

Five Things to Remember about God’s Calling and Gifts

Learn to Maximize the Overlap Between Gifts, Work, and Calling

When Work and Ministry Meet


When the Path is Long: Keys to Perseverance


Still More? You Gotta be Kidding!

Keep On: The Perseverance of Faithfulness

One Anothering…do You Ever Just Get Tired of it?

Pray On: The Perseverance of Prayer

Hold On: The Perseverance of Process

Press On: What to do When You’re not There Yet

 Run On: 4 Keys to Staying on Track

Count On: The Joy of Perseverance

6 Keys to Perseverance: A Series Summary

Life on the Vine: Lessons in Abiding


Life on the Vine: Lessons in Abiding, Part 1

Remembering I am the Vine

Waiting For Harvest

The Power of Pruning

The Discipline of an Abiding Life: Part 1

The Discipline of an Abiding Life: Part 2

Kitchen Battles

UnknownKitchen Battles

Beat the Challenge of Meal Planning: The Selective Menu

Six Never-Work Strategies for Winning the Battle of the Kitchen Counter

Winning the Battle of Kitchen Counter Clutter

The Battle of the Dirty Dish

Tips and Reflections on the Joys and Challenges of Moving:

A Sometimes Humorous Blog Series by a Military Wife

Moving Series MemeHome is… a New Address Every Few Years

The Ornery Moving Hormone

Organizing for the Move

Sanity in a Three-Ring Binder…Priceless!

I love Organizing…Once I am Done!

If I had Never Moved to Okinawa I Would Have Never…

Three Steps for Getting Rid of My Inner Wimp

Last Days in Okinawa

Moving Can Have Some Great Family Moments

Moving is More Than Unpacking


Trusting God in the Midst of Transitions

Transitions MemeYou’ve Been on this Mountain Long Enough

You’ve Been on this Mountain Long Enough: Part 2

God Goes Before Us

Transition is not a Bad Word

Christmas DevotionsGlory to God in the Highest

Good News That Lights Up Your Dark Night

Five Ways to Choose to Believe

The One Gift We Really Need

This Christmas…Choose to Believe, part 1

This Christmas…Choose to Believe, part 2



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  2. This may not be the appropriate place to ask but Ginger spoke in Carlisle,PA a month ago. She read a definition of the flesh and other comments related to that topic that I would like a copy of. I do not know where to look on her site to find this material. Any assistance you can give would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Ginger Harrington

      Hi Debbie! Great to hear from you. I’ll email you that definition. Thanks for getting in touch. I loved working with your group at Carlisle!

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